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"Aula d'acollida" and 1st ESO evaluation

Today it has been a long day at the school. I arrived there at twenty to nine, and at ten past nine I have implemented the forth session of my didactic unit (explanation in the previous article).

After two spare hours I have been to aula d’acollida. Today three students have started school, they are from Colombia (two sisters) and from Uruguay (a boy). There are also two more boys, brothers, from Equator. They have presented and they have worked orally and a little bit written on classroom objects. As all these students speak Spanish (different varieties -it is very interesting to compare vocabulary!-), it is easier to teach them in Catalan, so it is a similar language. There was a Muslim girl before and she did not understant Catalan or Spainsh, so teaching her (as other cases) is a very difficult task! I like the way Pep (the teacher) manages the class and teaches them with real objects, mimic and activities.

Then, at 15:30 and for more than an hour, I have attended the 1st ESO D evaluation. Interesting. There is a very good climate between teachers, so the task is easier!

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