Txell: English experience in Education



Today I have also participated in the tutorial of the group I observe the most: 2nd ESO C. We have done different things.

Their tutor has explained them a little bit about the time for studying (with a graphic and a good explanation about what kind of activities they have to do according to the time they have spent studying: the best way to study is doing firstly a subject not too difficult for them, after a half an hour more or less they must study the subject they find the most difficult, and at the end an easy activity). This is a topic in their tutorial book, so they are going to work more about it in other sessions.

Laura, integradora social, has come to explain them about the duty that students have to attend school until 16 years old. She has handed in a piece of paper with information about it because some students miss classes and they cannot do it.

They have talked about this with the tutor and also about a course of 'school mediation' (where students participate) and about the interviews he has to do with parents.

Moreover, he has explained the extracurricular courses offered to some students with different needs (lack of attention, immigration, etc.). These courses are once a week per level, of 1h 45', and students do their homework there or ask the teachers about their lessons. I think this is a good resource to help students. I find it very interesting and useful.

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